Always Crashing is now open for submissions of fiction, poetry, collage text, visual collage, video, labyrinths, manifestos, the generically transgressive, and nonfiction (though we prefer not to be told if it’s nonfiction).
We are interested in surfaces and form. We are interested in discontinuity and want to watch you break things. We want to read works that seek something via untruth, fantasy, artificiality, the plastic, deep superficiality, and attention to their own construction. We are interested in work that strikes curious poses; in the “experimental,” not as an avant-garde, but as a furthering of a subterranean literary tradition. We are interested, ultimately, in the aesthetic: the beautiful and the sublime, sure, but also the boring, the dumb, the merely interesting, the zany, the disgusting, the cute—particularly when pushed into strange and unfamiliar territories.

Submissions may be sent to Please include your name and the word “SUBMISSION” in the subject line, and some sort of cover letter or friendly note in the email body so we don't think you're a robot. Please wait to hear back about your submission before submitting additional work.


Submissions will be considered for both the online and print editions. Submissions with audio-visual components are particularly welcome for the online edition.

We generally respond within 3 months. After 3 months, feel free to query at; include your name and the title of your work.

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged, but please let us know immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.

Always Crashing requests first North American serial rights and exclusive serial rights for three months from date of publication. We do not consider previously published material for publication.

We do not (and will not) charge for submissions.